Jun 12 2005

Houston Institute: Day 1

Ever seen a bouch before? Hell, ever heard of a bouch before? Well I just got my first look at one today and let me tell you it is not pleasant. A bouch is a bed which sticks half way out of the wall. During the day it’s a couch, at night a bed. It’s two, two, two (crappy) things in one. So, bouch and all, this place is pretty much a shithole. The room is pretty small and entire strips of the (brownish-orange) carpet are ripped out of the center of the room. In addition, the room appears to have been recently vacated by a cheerleading camp as the entire room is covered in a fine mist of glitter.

The linen packets proved equally disappointing. Was it too much to expect a fitted sheet? Apparently so. Le sigh. Everything is all stiff and scratchy, the blanket makes me want to cry, and they smell like they were washed in eau de hospital room.

I’m grumpy for more reasons than the room. The flight out was horrible. We sat on the ground in Raleigh for about 3 hours waiting for the weather in Atlanta to clear up. Wrestling all that luggage around makes me crabby enough, but add in the airport frustrations and I am one unhappy chick-a-dee. Because my flight was so delayed I missed both registration and dinner. Care to guess which of the two I’m more upset about? And, AND, apparently my Ethernet cable is too big for the port in the room (the hell?) so I have no internet, which also makes me want to cry.

Target shuttles are leaving for the next hour or so and I desperately need hangers. I’m trying to muster up the energy to go, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen.

Everyone in the elevators is being all smiley and happy, which makes me feel kind of bad for being a bitch on wheels, but, you know what, half my toe nail is ripped off and bleeding, my arms ache, I missed dinner, I have no internet, and I have to sleep on a bouch. I think I’m going to be as bitchy as I damn well please.

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