Jun 25 2012

Closing time.

I’m officially closing out my little blog here. I’m still in ENC and still teaching in my placement region, but I’ve been teaching for seven (!) years now and have drifted so far out of the TFA “loop” that anything I might think to post is no longer really relevant to this blogging platform.
For those who are coming here looking for information about TFA in ENC, check out the link to my favorite posts in the upper right.
The pictures in my posts were lost when teachforus migrated servers a while back, but I am slowly but surely trying to add back pictures to the most linked ones. That work will continue. I just finished re-picturing my two Eastern North Carolina posts.
I’m still reachable for TFA, ENC, or teaching questions at ms.w.enc [at] gmail.com.
So long!

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Jun 08 2011

ENC Induction

ENC Induction begins today and I always get excited thinking about it….all of that fresh meat enthusiasm and energy for the cause. This is just a quick post to say “Hi” (“HIIIIIIII!!!” *waving arms madly*) to all of the 2011 ENC Corps Members. Have fun, learn lots, and remember that the kids — your kids…

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This is the second installment of ENC Corps Member stories. I have a few more to post and would love to hear from any other ENC CMs out there who would be willing to answer some questions. Contact info is here. “Ms. South” is a current 2nd year ENC high school teacher. Here is her…

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I have a few ENC Corps Member interviews to post over the next week or so, and hopefully a few still coming in. (If you’re an ENC CM or recent alum and would like to answer some questions, please drop me a comment or an email!) I figured that before I started posting these “interviews”…

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Feb 23 2011

A Dream Dashed

On Monday I was standing at the front of the class room surveying my minions students as they worked in partners (if they had earned it) and singly (if they had not), I noticed something strange at the back of the room. R, who had earned the privilege of a partner but claimed he “rolled…

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Feb 15 2011

Trade offs?

I hope everyone had a nice Valentines Day out there in TFA-land. As a high school teacher, my haul is pretty small, generally just a few pieces of candy or a random cupcake here or there. This year, however, I did get one valentine card from a student: The awesome cheesieness of this card makes…

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Feb 10 2011

Bet they were stylin’

I love the conversation snippets I pick up while circling the room during group work. Today, 4th block was in reading circles, working on chapter 4 of Night by Eli Wiesel. As I pass by, the group “illustrator” had a question for his peers “Dude, did Nazis have hats?” “What? Yeah they did.” “Oh.” “What,…

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Feb 05 2011

A least and a most…

One of my least favorite things about teaching… …being called at 12:00 by the office to hear the following “So-and-so will be out sick for the next week, his father will be by right after school to pick up work, please send what you have for him down to the office.” Lets see, between 12:00…

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Feb 02 2011

Attention ENC Corps Members!

I worry sometimes about the fact that this is the only ENC blog on this site that is updated with any degree of regularity. I see my stats and I know how many people come here looking for information about “TFA ENC”, but I don’t really feel like my blog gives a full picture of…

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Jan 31 2011


A typical five minutes in my English II class … 4th block, 1:55pm, 10 minutes down, 80 minutes to go… “Ok, now I want everyone to take one of the three aspects of a hero you chose put in your thesis and complete a FREDE for it. Remember, this is just an outline, later you’ll…

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